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Meet our Founder

Interview with the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

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Elizabeth started her professional career in the Private Service Industry on Luxury Yachts in 2007.  She grew to have a passion for the industry, embraced the variety and challenges that every day brought and thrived in the ever-changing atmosphere. With countless hours documented and ambitious endeavors to obtain Industry Certifications she was quickly promoted to Chief of Interior Operations in a few short years. 

After graduating from Yachts in 2013 by landing her first Private Estate position with the Pritzker Family in Chicago, she has since worked for Prestigious families around the world such as the Royal Family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to United States Diplomats in Palm Beach, using her expertise to better the smooth operation and functionality of their staffed homes. 

Elizabeth also invested her documented hours acting as an Owner's Representative while managing large Construction Projects towards becoming a Certified Construction Project Manager through FAU. 

Backed by this knowledge, vast experience, and countless hours put in after work setting up her business, Elizabeth officially launched her own Luxury Property Management Company in the middle of the tumultuous 2020 year. Her goal and reason for founding this business is to specialize in providing a full Concierge Service for anything an Upper High Net worth individual could need for their Home, Property or Lifestyle. Elizabeth began by basing the business  headquarters out of South Florida, quickly expanding to a satellite office in Southern California, all while providing remote Consultation for well-known clients around the globe. Elizabeth and the national team of M.C. Elite Management makes it their priority to ensure that every task from their clients are tailored to them exclusively and delivered flawlessly. 


Meet our Team

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